Dear IMDRF-16 participants,

Roszdravnadzor suggests assistance for you with getting visa by submitting a special form to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) thus making your visa application in your country faster and easier.

The letters to MFA will be sent by us in August 2019. For this purpose, you don't need to contact MFA by yourself, but only provide us the copy of the 1st page of your passport and passport of accompanying person (in case you are travelling with family member) together with the following information by July 15 2019:

  1. Company name, company address, position held;
  2. Telephone number;
  3. City name with the Russian Embassy or Consulate where you are going to apply for visa;
  4. Traveling dates.

Once we submit the form for your visa to MFA here in Moscow in August 2019 we'll provide you the reference number (telex-number) which you will tell at Russian Embassy in your country.

This reference number will only substitute the invitation letter from Roszdravnadzor and make the decision for your visa faster. You will still need to submit all the rest necessary documents according to Russian visa requirements in your country.

If you need visa support, please, send copies of the passports and the relevant information to e-mail:

IMDRF – 2019 Secretariat