Shopping and souvenirs

Matryoshka – Russian dolls. Probably the most typical souvenir of the capital of our vast country. Interestingly, the structure of the dolls itself emphasizes the diversity and multi-layeredness of Russia. Each nesting doll design uses unique motifs of folk art schools – the choice is very wide, so do not rush with buying!

Various traditional historical household items – Samovars, Ushankas, Bast shoes. They emphasize the historical originality of the city and country, and though they have not been used in everyday life for a long time, they retain their status as cultural artifacts. Besides, just try Samovar in business – and you can hardly return to using a regular kettle. A good place to buy everything immediately will be the Izmailovo market – and when you are there, do not forget to visit the Izmailovo Kremlin –- quite interesting architectural complex.

Moscow sweets – isn`t it a wonderful gift? Factory Red October has several large flagship stores, where you can choose sweets for every taste. We advise you to pay attention to Rot-Front as well, chocolate Alenka and the famous cakes Ptich`e moloko.

Stylish souvenirs with the symbols of the city. For the last several years, the brands Heart of Moscow and Mosazbuka have pleased residents of the megalopolis and tourists with stylish accessories that could not be called just ordinary souvenirs. High-quality materials, interesting design and the almost complete absence of patterned solutions – that is what primarily distinguishes these things from ordinary souvenirs.

Pavlovsky Posad shawls. The unique and unrepeatable drawing technique, the history of more than a century long, worldwide recognition – in fact, this all is not so important, because you will love these scarves at first glance. That`s not wondering that the shawls largely reflect the history and culture of Russia. An obvious option to appreciate all the diversity will be to visit the Old Arbat Street, where Pavlovsky Posad shawls take the honored place among all the presented souvenirs.

Gastronomic gifts will always be actual, especially since there is no shortage of them in Moscow. Various types of caviar, pickles and jams, special gift sets with a huge amount of local products – in order not to look for the most interesting things in different places, you can try to visit Gastronome No. 1 in GUM.

Shopping in Moscow

Arriving in Moscow, you can surely expect a great shopping! From the first minutes, you find yourself in a fairy tale, as the city literally fascinates with huge number of its shops, boutiques, shopping centers and galleries.

Conventionally, the capital's shops can be divided into three categories: luxurious expensive boutiques, mass-market, designed for the mass consumer, and discount centers (outlets), where branded items can be purchased with significant discounts.

Well-know and popular trading centers: GUM, Okhotny ryad, TSUM, Evropeyskiy, Metropolis, Atrium, Neglinnaya Plaza, Petrovskiy Passage, Lotte Plaza, Eliseevskiy store, Moscow City.

Big trading complexes (department stores, shopping malls): Aviapark, Vegas, Megapolis, RIO, 5th Avenue, Gorbushkin dvor.